Quran Circle

Idara 120 Quran Recitors Circle


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullah

Welcome to the 120 Quran Recitors Circle!

Please pay close attention to the following points in order to complete the reciting of the holy Quran successfully:

  1. Each individual completes one Rub= (a Quarter of a Juz/Sipara) daily.
  2. In this programme, 120 people complete the holy Quran 120 times in 120 days.
  3. Each individual starts reciting the holy Quran from the part which has been allocated to them. Each day they will recite one quarter, and continue thereof following the table below. By the end of the 120 days each individual will have recited the whole Quran. (the “finish” point will be just above your “start” point)
  4. It is essential that each individual recites there allocated part every day. Failure to do so will result in the failure of the whole group to complete the reciting of the holy Quran.
  5. To attain maximum benefit from the recitation you are advised to recite it with its Translation.
  6. It is possible that different Quran will be numbered differently so please check each section and verify with the table below.
  7. To avoid confusion please use the “DATE” column regularly. (this will keep you up to date)
  8. If you recite a sura which has an obligatory sajdah (Ha-Meem-Sajdah Sura no. 41, Sura-an-Najm Sura no.53, As-sajdah Sura no. 32 and Al-alaq) and it is not possible for you to recite this, please request another person to recite it on your behalf to avoid any disruptions of daily finishing.
  9. For further clarifications you can contact Maulana Hassan Abbas Rizvi 07796763638.

Thank you for your participation. May ALLAH swt let us all recite and understand the Quran regularly and properly.