Properties and conditions of the Day of Judgement

“And fear a Day when no soul will suffice for another soul at all, nor will intercession be accepted from it, nor will compensation be taken from it, nor will they be aided.” (Surah Baqarah: 48)
On the Day of Judgment:
– All associations will be cut: “and they [all] see the punishment, and cut off from them are the ties [of relationship]” (Surah Baqarah: 166)
– All relations will be eliminated: “So when the Horn is blown, no relationship will there be among them that Day, nor will they ask about one another.” (Surah Mu’minun: 101)
– The forgiveness from the tongues will be silenced: “Nor will it be permitted for them to make an excuse.” (Surah Musalat: 36)
– Wealth or pedigree will be of no use: “The Day when there will not benefit [anyone] wealth or children” (Surah Shu’raa: 88)
– Intercession without the permission of God will not be possible: “and they cannot intercede except on behalf of one whom He approves.” (Surah Anbiyya: 28)
– Kinship will be of no use: “Never will your relatives or your children benefit you; the Day of Resurrection He will judge between you.” (Surah Mumtahannah: 3)
– Friends will be of no help: “before there comes a Day in which there is no exchange and no friendship” (Surah Baqarah: 254)
– Authority and power will be made useless: “Gone from me is my authority.” (Surah Haqqa:29)
– No ransom will be accepted from them: “So today no ransom will be taken from you or from those who disbelieved.” (Surah Hadid: 15)

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