Muharram Guidelines

The following guidelines have been set by the Idara Executive Committee to make the holy month of Muharram a safe, peaceful and spiritual event:

1. From the 1st Night of Muharram until the 10th of Muharram including the Ashura procession (juloos), Jaaferiya Youth will be available at the service of all visitors in the form of stewards in clearly marked fluorescent jackets. Anyone from the community who want to help them please contact them via They will be responsible for Parking Assistance, Ensuring public access is clear outside the mosque, Helping the children and elderly and Maintaining discipline.
2. Please note that self-flagellation (zanjeer zani) or any other bloodletting activity is not allowed inside or outside the Idara. Necessary steps will be taken for violating this rule including legal action.
3. In our meetings with Wandsworth Council and the Metropolitan police, we have been advised to have our own event security arrangements in light of the recent threat to Muslims nationwide. Therefore to handle any disturbance and unruly behaviour at Ashoora procession, we have arranged for security guards backed up by the Wandsworth Council Community Safety team and Police officers.
4. Any kind of leaflets will not be allowed to be distributed near both the entrances (ladies and men) and inside the Idara as it disturbs the visitors and event proceedings.
5. Sharp objects are not allowed to be brought inside Idara-e-Jaaferiya premises; this is due to Health and Safety of all momineen. If any of these objects are found Idara Committee reserves the right to confiscate them
6. All momineen and mominat are requested to cooperate with Idara Executive Committee, Stewards, Security Guards, Council and Law enforcement authorities. This is to safeguard the interests of Azadari and preserve the reputation of Idara-e-Jaaferiya
7. Every year we receive numerous complaints from Neighbours and members of public about noise and cleaning on Church Lane. All visitors are kindly requested to keep their voice low while leaving the Idara and also to place rubbish in bins provided or if there are none nearby then take the rubbish with you.
8. All visitors are requested to observe the published program and its timings. This is to ensure that schedule is maintained for visitors who intend to attend other majalis around the same timings.
9. All visitors are kindly requested that if they find a Disabled or Elderly person in need of help please report it to the nearest Steward available or a member of the Executive Committee, we will ensure they are assisted as soon as possible
10. On Ashoora day public pedestrian access will be separated from the main procession from the two ends via barriers and ribbons on the church side footpath. You are requested to please stay on the road with the procession or use the Idara side footpath only.
11. Parking is not allowed on church lane on Ashoora day unless a specially issued permit by Wandsworth Council is displayed.
12. Use of cameras and uploading of Idara events on the internet is not allowed as all event recordings are property of the Idara.

1st 10 days and Ashoora day costs Idara around £15000 in food and arrangements. Idara attracts around 4000 people on Ashoora Day every year. We humbly request all members and visitors to cooperate with us so together we can commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain a.s according to the teachings of Ahlulbayt a.s and set examples of a disciplined community to the neighbours.
We pray that Bibi Zahra s.a accepts all our efforts towards azadari and promoting the message of Syedus Shuhada a.s. Please contact us if you need further information on any of the points above. Jazakallah.

Idara-e-Jaaferiya Executive Committee
20th October 2014